Aaron Ooi



Skyscanner is a popular website for users to book flights online. Currently users don’t have the ability to choose how many days they would like to stay at a stopover destination if you have a connected flights. Let’s find out more for what I did for this case study.


Skyscanner is one of the top travel search site being used by 60 million people per month. The platform allows user to search for flights, accomodations and hiring cars. For this project, my goal is to solve an issue that has never been solve in any travel search website. You might guess what is it that I am trying to solve?

Have you ever search for a flight online, where there are multiple stopover or one stopover at a particular country depending on the airline that you are flying with? Have you ever wanting to stay over for one or two nights at the stopover destination? There are many question that you might ask yourself, what if I have the chance to choose how many days I want to stay at the stopover destination? Whether you are adventurous and wanting to explore every country that you stop over at or just to get rid of the jet lag where you have been on the flight for more than 12 hours or more.

Here’s a sneak peek of before and after redesign of Skyscanner:

The Challenge / Pain Point

Currently, there are no travel websites such as (Skyscanner, Expedia, Priceline, Agoda, Hopper, Google Flights and many more) that provide you the option to choose whether if you would like to stay over at the stopover or not. Either you wait at the airport for a few hours for your next transfer flight or your next flight would be go straight to your next transfer flight immediately. The other thing would be if a user want to stay over at stopover destination, they would need to purchase a seperate tickets by choosing the time and date when they would like to flight and how long they will stay over.

Another pain point currently on Skyscanner would be that there is no ability to see which date offer the cheapest or highest price for travel. All user would need to go through and select the date, time and destination before they are able to see how much the ticket cost. Usually on the weekend or close to weekend, the price for travel are higher than other days.

My Goals to accomplish for this project

1. Adding a functionality for user to be able to choose how many days they would like to stay over at the stopover destination.

2. Adding the price for each day so users are able to see when they select the date for travel which price would fit for their budget.

3. Improve the UI is a bonus but there is nothing wrong with the current UI. This section is just a bonus for making something new but also keeping some of the original details that are important for users.

User Flow & Wireframes

To verify my hypothesis, I asked a few of my friends about if they have these problems when wanting to select a flight for travel. I have included the user personas of the users that I have interviewed with all the pain points that they are facing. I have also created a user flow on what a user would do when they go to Skyscanner. All the designs that I have created is in Adobe XD.

Once I am happy with the sketches that I have, I then move onto designing low-fidelity wireframes using Adobe XD. The reason why I am using Adobe XD as my design tool currently is that it has the ability to design and prototype in one software at the same time without having to switch over from one software to another. But I am able to use any design tools that are available on the market right now if needed to. It’s just a personal opinion about the software.

The High-Fidelity Design & Prototype

Here is the final version of the Skyscanner redesign that I have created and a video to showcase the prototype.

Overall Learning Experience

I have learned a lot from doing this project on my free time. I get to conduct research on users who are using Skyscanner as their travel booking website and getting feedbacks from them on what I can improve on. I had conducted usability testing with users and can confirmed that they are happy with the solutions that I have implemented on the design.